With much excitement, the latest installment in the Netflix Originals collection of the smash hit Dark series is due to hit our streaming platforms very soon. Dark Season 3 (Netflix) is set to be released sometime this summer, and although it has only been confirmed for a single season, it is still one of the most highly-anticipated series coming to Netflix this year.


The first and second installments of the series were met with much critical acclaim and with Season 3 promising to be bigger and better, fans were delighted when Netflix announced that Sandra Borgmann, Barbara Nüsse, and Christian Pfeiffer would be set to return to the series in their respective roles.

Dark Season 3: About

Dark Season 3 will also see the introduction of Kid Connor (portrayed by Torben Buchholz), who is set to play an important part in the storyline of the upcoming season, and will be joined by a host of other new characters, including Martha Jensen (played by Sara Lombardi) and her brother Claus (portrayed by Volker Wolf).

This season the actors, writers, and producers all stand to be handsomely compensated for their hard work.

It is speculated that the lead actors in the series are being paid between 1-2M euros per episode and the writers are also reportedly earning a similar amount. With at least 6 episodes of the series planned, we can assume that some serious money is circulating within the production team.

As with all big-budget productions, there is also a set budget in place and Dark Season 3 will not be any different. For this, the producers have set aside a whopping $ 20 million, which is not an insignificant figure and gives an indication of the magnitude of the production team’s work.

If you are looking for more information regarding the production, cast and crew involved, episode titles, and air dates, then are sure to check out the official Dark Series 3 Wiki page where you will also find a comprehensive list of the roles that each of the cast members are playing in the upcoming installment.

It has also been revealed that the series will feature a number of popular German actors, including Grethe Ostgaard, Jakob Schwarz, and Nicolette Kreir, all of whom will reprise their roles from the previous series.

So there you have it. Everything that you need to know about Dark Season 3 (Netflix) remains in the know ahead of the series release. Be sure to get yourselves ready for the release of this long-awaited series and expect some intense drama spanning the year 2021!

Dark Season 3: Writer & Director

Netflix’s upcoming third season of Dark, written and directed by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese, is one of the most highly-anticipated series of 2021 and has the audience of the show all excited. Now that this thrilling German sci-fi drama is all set to return with its third season, let’s see who is in the cast and what are their roles and salaries, along with the expected Dark season 3 release date and more.

Dark Season 3 Cast & Crew

The Dark season 3 cast includes the usual characters from the earlier two seasons like Jonas Kahnwal (Louis Hofmann), Martha Nielsen (Lisa Vicari), Magnus (Moritz Jahn), Franziska (Gina Stiebitz), Katharina Nielsen (Jördis Triebel), Bartosz Tiedemann (Paul Lux), Noah (Max Schimmelpfennig) and several other characters.

1. Louis Hofmann

Louis Hofmanna

2. Lisa Vicari

Lisa Vicari

3. Moritz Jahn

Moritz Jahn

4. Gina Stiebitz

Gina Stiebitz

5. Jördis Triebel


6. Paul Lux

Paul Lux

7. Max Schimmelpfennig

Max Schimmelpfennig

8. Baran bo Odar

Baran bo Odar

9. Jantje Friese

Jantje Friese

10. Quirin Berg

Quirin Berg

Apart from the cast, the Dark season 3 crew includes Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese as directors, screenwriters, producers, and executive producers with Quirin Berg, Justyna Schieler, and Max Wiedmann as producers of the show.

Dark Season 3 Release Date

Netflix is yet to confirm the release date of the upcoming sci-fi thriller, Dark season 3. According to reports, the third season is expected to arrive sometime in 2021.

Dark Season 3 Roles 

Most of the characters from the earlier two seasons of the show have been retained for the third season, with each actor playing a different role in the upcoming season. For example,

Louis Hofmann will be playing Jonas Kahnwald, the protagonist of Dark season 3.

Lisa Vicari will be playing Martha Nielsen, Jonas’ love interest. Moritz Jahn will be playing Magnus Nielsen and Jördis Triebel will be playing the role of Katharina Nielsen. Furthermore, Paul Lux will be playing Bartosz Tiedemann and Max Schimmelpfennig will be playing Noah.

Dark Season 3 Salary

The cast of Dark season 3 will reportedly be paid around €71,000 ($75,000) per episode.

Dark Season 3 Wiki

Dark is a German supernatural sci-fi drama television series written and directed by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese. The show follows a family from the fictional town of Winden, who must deal with the disappearance of two children and the impact that it has on their lives. It first premiered on Netflix in December 2017 and has remained popular ever since.

The third and final season of Dark is set to be released on Netflix sometime in 2021, with the cast and crew expected to return. With its cleverly-written story and captivating characters, Dark has been a popular show and its third season will keep viewers on the edge of their seats until its release.

Dark Season 3: Trailer

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