Kourtney Kardashian recently took to social media to update her followers on her IVF journey with long-time friend and musician, Travis Barker.

The American reality television star posted a photo on Instagram of herself pressing a saline lock into what appears to be her abdomen with the caption, “💥 IVF journey 💥”. The saline lock is a way to easily give multiple medications over an extended period of time without having to do the procedure multiple times. She also opted for a side-by-side photo of her and Travis holding hands with a caption that reads, “The journey is so worth it 🤍”.

The couple have been open about their plans to have a child. Kourtney revealed in an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians that she and Travis had begun exploring their options for getting pregnant, and that IVF was definitely on the table.

Their decision to undergo IVF showed continuing dedication and commitment to one another despite the couple not being romantic. Earlier this year, Travis Instagrammed a video of the couple discussing how the world has tried to define their relationship, and both agreed that they are partners in life but not romantically.

The couple’s post has sent ripples of support and hope throughout their followers. With a mix of comments such as “This is beautiful” and “You GO girl!”, people are wishing them luck and are supporting them every step of the way. For many couples, it can be difficult to talk openly about fertility and the different treatment options that they may explore. Having celebrities, like Travis and Kourtney, who open up and share their journey have helped normalize the process, and can in turn, reduce the stigma and shame that some couples may feel.

Kourtney and Travis are currently waiting for the results of the IVF procedure and have showed the world the true meaning of friendship. No matter what, the couple’s journey is sure to be one of love and support.