For years now, Star Wars fans have been eagerly anticipating the release of Disney’s upcoming sequel “Rogue Squadron”. Unfortunately, recent reveals from the company have left many disappointed, as it appears that the movie is a huge step backwards for the beloved franchise.

The film, which was originally slated for a December release, will now arrive on Christmas Day. However, this news is noteworthy for one main reason: the new “Rogue Squadron” features a completely different look and approach than previous Star Wars movies. Whereas previously all of the major heroes were human, the new movie apparently features a wide variety of alien species, as well as a more mature tone.

These changes have been met with a mixture of confusion and disappointment by fans. On one hand, the movie is certainly embracing a fresh approach, which could potentially lead to an interesting addition to the Star Wars universe. On the other hand, this doesn’t appear to be what fans were hoping for, as the previous movies have been so successful and beloved due to their human-centric stories. Furthermore, the reveals of the upcoming film have led to numerous complaints indicating that Disney is using the Star Wars name to pander to a younger market.

Adding salt to the wound is news that Disney will be releasing a series of shorts featuring the main cast of the movie instead of releasing actual footage. The shorts are instead animated, with a style that differs drastically from the usual Star Wars standards. Again, fans have expressed disappointment, as it would have made much more sense to release actual footage, rather than animated shorts.

At the end of the day, Disney’s decisions have caused fans to become increasingly pessimistic about the upcoming movie. While there is still some hope that the company will turn it around and create a worthy sequel, these recent reveals have certainly made that goal much more difficult. Unfortunately, it seems that Disney’s “Rogue Squadron” is on course to becoming one of the franchise’s most disappointing entries yet.