Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle quickly became a fan favorite as millions raced to binge-watch the series. Featuring an ensemble of attractive young men and women on a reality TV show, the show’s twist is that by avoiding any sexual contact, the contestants can gain access to the grand prize money. But with hearts flying in all directions, viewers are left wondering who the cast members are and what roles they play in the show.


Cast Of “Too Hot To Handle”

The series is presented by mixed martial arts expert and YouTube personality Francesca Farago. The contestants are Haley Cureton, Bryce Hirschberg, Chloe Veitch, David Birtwistle, Kori Sampson, Nicole O’Brien, Matthew Smith, Sharron Townsend, Harry Jowsey, and Rhonda Paul.

1. Chloe Veitch


2. David Birtwistle

David Birtwistle

3. Francesca Farago

Francesca Farago

4. Haley Cureton

Haley Cureton

5. Harry Jowsey

Harry Jowsey

6. Kelechi “Kelz” Dyke

Kelechi "Kelz" Dyke

7. Chloe_Veitch

8. Nicole O’Brien

Nicole O'Brien

9. Rhonda Paul

Rhonda Paul

10. Matthew Stephen Smith


Sharron Townsend

Sharron Townsend

Salary Of “Too Hot To Handle Cast”

The cast members were paid handsomely for their stint on the show with each one making upwards of $100,000 plus bonuses assuming they managed to avoid any physical contact.

Wiki of “Too Hot To Handle” Cast

The Too Hot To Handle Netflix show was created by Harry Jowsey, who later became a contestant himself, and was backed by a production team of various professionals from different fields. Some important members of the production team included Executive Producers Charlie Bennett, Michele Kurland, Ben Mentuck and Rebecca Ludwick, co-Executive Producers David Granger and Julia Prescott, Supervising Producer Chris Parkhurst, Casting Director Tracy Parry as well as Editing Supervisors Ben Elliott and Jon Trifunovic.

In addition to the cast and crew, it’s also important to introduce Too Hot To Handle’s main protagonists — the sex robots. The robots were semi-autonomous creations that monitored the contestants’ interactions with each other and proved to be a major obstacle in the contestants’ efforts to avoid sex.

With several nail-biting episodes filled with romance, drama and surprise twists, Too Hot To Handle was a huge hit amongst viewers. Fans who are yet to watch the series can now access the entire series on Netflix.

Finally, everyone involved with the series has since achieved notoriety with some embarking on their own projects or promoting their individual projects. All in all, Too Hot To Handle proved to be a lucrative opportunity for the cast and crew and a fan-favorite series for viewers.

As Netflix continues to produce some of the most talked-about reality shows, the streaming giant recently launched its latest series Too Hot to Handle. The show follows a group of singles looking for love while stuck in a luxury retreat. Laszlo, the supercomputer mascot, sets strict rules on a group of participants who must avoid all sexual contact for four weeks if they hope to win the grand prize of $100,000. The show has already become an instant sensation since it premiered in April 2020.

Too Hot to Handle’s cast includes a diverse group of individuals from all over the world who bring an intriguing dynamic to the show. The headliner is Harry Jowsey, a 22-year-old actor and model from New Zealand. Harry is known for his natural charisma and charming good looks. Other members of the main cast include Francesca Farago, an Instagram model and budding influencer from Canada; Chloe Veitch, a 25-year-old model and TV personality from Essex; and Matthew Smith, a 24-year-old model and actor also from Canada.

More “About Too Hot To Handle”

The show also features a diverse and dynamic crew including various producers and directors. The executive producers are Layla Smith, Sunny K. Lee, and Rachelle Mendez. The show-runner is Chris Coelen and the directors for the first season include Brad Jefferson, Tory Jones, and Mathew Akers.

As for the actors and roles in Too Hot to Handle, Harry Jowsey leads the cast as the main protagonist. The other members of the cast play various roles in the show, including being mentors and informal leaders for the group. The show also features an in-house therapist, Alessandra Ramos, to help the group come to terms with the emotions that come with being stranded in paradise.

The cast and crew of Too Hot to Handle are currently unknown when it comes to the salary they receive for appearing on the show. However, given the success of the show, we can expect that the cast members and crew had to have received lucrative deals and bonuses.

Thanks to its instantaneous success, Too Hot to Handle has become the latest and greatest reality show of 2020. The series has been greenlit for a second season, which is set to debut next year. With the first season quickly becoming one of the most successful shows of 2020, we can only guess what the new season will bring.

Too Hot To Handle Trailer


For those wanting to know more about Too Hot to Handle, including the cast, crew, and production information, an official Too Hot to Handle Wiki page is now available. The page is regularly updated with information about the show and its cast, making it a great source for the latest Too Hot to Handle news.

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