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Ishan and Anvi’s Attempt to Cheer Up Durva

  • In this latest episode of Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein, Ishan and Anvi take it upon themselves to lift Durva’s spirits by organizing a sibling party for her.
  • However, instead of appreciating their efforts, Durva exclaims in frustration, questioning whether they are blind to her deep sorrow.
  • Anvi tries to console Durva by reminding her that they have all managed to emerge from a terrible event, suggesting that they should leave it behind and move forward.
  • Unwilling to listen, Durva directs her anger towards Savi, blaming her for ruining her life, and Ishan for blindly trusting Savi and harming innocent Sam.
  • Ishan defends himself by revealing that Sam is a fraud, and even his own father admitted to their crimes.
  • Durva insists that Sam has changed and pleads with Ishan to understand.
  • Failing to make her realize the truth, Ishan and Anvi are left with no choice but to walk away, leaving Durva alone with her anguish.

Ishan’s Optimism and Anvi’s Concern for Durva

  • While preparing milk for himself and Anvi, Ishan reassures her that Durva will eventually be able to overcome her pain and move on.
  • Anvi expresses her worry for Durva, as she can’t bear to see her sister in such a distraught state.
  • Ishan confidently asserts that just as he was able to let go of his past with Reeva and find happiness, Durva too will be able to forget Sam and find peace.
  • However, Ishan’s thoughts are interrupted by Reeva appearing in his imagination, questioning whether he has truly moved on from her.
  • Anvi notices Ishan’s teary-eyed response and mentions that he hasn’t completely forgotten Reeva.
  • Determined to prove otherwise, Ishan vows that he will indeed forget Reeva.
  • Anvi shares her anxiety, acknowledging the potential disaster that could have occurred if Savi hadn’t exposed Sam’s true nature.
  • Ishan speaks highly of Savi, admiring her as a fighter who stands up for truth regardless of the consequences or people’s anger.
  • Reflecting on how Ishan supported Savi against all odds, Anvi continues to praise Savi’s courage and integrity.
Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar

Surekha’s Nightmare and Durva’s Vengeful Plans

  • Surekha anxiously searches for everyone, but they are nowhere to be found.
  • In a nightmarish vision, she imagines Ishan reprimanding her for jeopardizing Durva’s life and warns her against seeking his support or listening to her decisions.
  • Nishi, Asmita, Shikha, and Yashwant also confront Surekha for her misguided choices and attempts to control their lives.
  • Isha arrives and laments the lack of belief in her words.
  • Surekha erupts in anger, commanding Isha to leave her house.
  • To her surprise, everyone takes Isha’s side, turning their backs on Surekha.
  • Isha declares her intent to seek revenge for all the injustices Surekha has subjected her to, asserting her position as Ishan’s mother and vowing to get him married to Savi.
  • Surekha adamantly declares that the house belongs to her and she is Ishan’s mother, not Isha.
  • Isha persists in her challenge, eventually forcing Surekha out of the house.
  • Shocked from her nightmare, Surekha walks outside to get some water.

Baji Rao’s Confrontation and Durva’s Troubled State

  • Baji Rao mercilessly beats Mandar and Samrudh for their crimes.
  • Mandar pleads for mercy, promising not to repeat his mistakes.
  • Samrudh sadistically counts each lash, revealing his intention to exact revenge on Savi for each one.
  • Mandar suggests getting someone to kill Savi, but Samrudh prefers to torture her until she begs for death.
  • Surekha, on her way to get water, overhears someone crying on the terrace and investigates.
  • She is shocked to find Durva in tears and immediately embraces her daughter.
  • Durva confides in Surekha, expressing her inability to forget how her family punished Sam and supported Savi.
  • Deeply affected, Durva vows to ruin Savi’s life, believing it to be her retribution for the unhappiness Savi caused her.
  • Surekha sympathizes with Durva and promises to support her in seeking vengeance against Savi and Isha.

The Intensifying Family Conflict

  • In the upcoming episodes, tensions escalate further as Surekha resolves to prevent Savi from inviting Isha to the Bhosale Institute.
  • Nishi excitedly discusses the upcoming cultural festival with Yashwant, anticipating a great event this year.
  • Shantanu suggests they check the judge list for this year’s festival.
  • To everyone’s surprise, Ishan discovers Isha’s name on the list of judges.
  • Yashwant questions who added Isha’s name to the list, while Nishi explains that it was the organizing committee’s decision, emphasizing its positive impact on their college.
  • Surekha vehemently declares that neither Isha will attend as a judge nor will Savi emerge victorious in the competition.

Stay tuned for the next exciting episode, where the family’s conflicts continue to unfold and new challenges arise.

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